A supporting structure entirely of ash GL40 + GL48

The main supporting structure in the Ekkharthof consists of 71 m3 ash-glulam
From 2014 to 2018 the Ekkharthof, a sanatorium and educational institution, was completely renovated. Architect Lukas Imhof, together with Neue Holzbau AG, Lungern/CH, realized the project entirely in wood. Like a barn, the interior is symmetrical. The solid frame structure made of ash is self-bracing. The bending-resistant connections were developed with the engineering office Josef Kolb, Romanshorn, and the engineers of Neue Holzbau using the GSA®-Technology.
Neue Holzbau AG has specialized in the production of glued laminated timber in hardwood and supplied the primary supporting structure in ash with frames, some of which were already assembled in the factory. Imhof also chose ash for its aesthetic appeal, which he preferred to that of beech, which has similar strength values.

Article from the Holzkurier (german)