Archaic and self-sufficient

The timber construction company Schindler & Scheibling AG is building a new production hall in Zurich. “Wood from here” – that was the motto during construction. And in fact, the timber construction company succeeded in building the hall using 99 percent trees from the region. This required the project team to rethink from conventional glulam construction to a combination of solid wood and modern engineering construction.

The dimensions of the hall are astonishing: 85 metres long, 40 metres wide and 17 metres high is the production hall of Schindler & Scheibling AG at the Saland (ZH) site. The requirement to use only solid wood as far as possible challenged – and spurred on – the timber constructors. In the process, constructions were created that are rarely seen anymore. On the roof, consisting of solid wood spiders spanned underneath, the timber constructor demonstrates how a large span can also be bridged with solid wood. The rafter and purlin construction of the roof forms a link to the upright side trusses. On the one hand, these give the hall its characteristic shape, and on the other hand, they lead to an extension on the upper floor and thus to maximum utilisation of the plot. Thanks for the report (german)!

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