Building bridges for wildlife

Where the A2 once interrupted the wildlife corridor near Neuenkirch, deer and polecats can now once again reach the opposite part of the forest since the construction of the new wildlife overpass.

The company HUSNER AG Holzbau, CH-Frick, assembled the complete wooden construction in about 30 nights. Our team was allowed to produce the 90 glulam beams that will span the A2 in future with 3 lanes in each direction. A single girder is 17.5 metres long, 72 centimetres wide and 1.24 metres high. Thanks to prefabrication, the construction time was short compared to solid construction, so that traffic disruptions could be reduced to a minimum. The climate-friendly construction method with wood has an excellent ecological balance, because the wood used (oak, spruce, fir) was grown and processed in Switzerland. In total, HUSNER
used a total of 1,650 m³ of wood for the construction of the bridge. A remarkable 1,518 tonnes of CO2 are bound in this.

Source: HUSNER AG Holzbau in-house newspaper (german)