Neat enough for Pepys: Magdalene college Cambridge’s inventive new library

“My delight is in the neatness of everything,” wrote Samuel Pepys in his diary in 1663, “and so cannot be pleased with anything unless it be very neat, which is a strange folly.” He was referring in part to the fastidious organisation of his magnificent collection of books. By the time of his death in 1703 he had amassed 3,000 of them, which he left to his alma mater, Magdalene College, Cambridge, to be housed in a dedicated building with his name above the door.

The famous diarist’s dedicated building, left to his Cambridge alma mater, could not be altered. So architect Níall McLaughlin created a magical solution: Magdalene College’s new library is a successful reinterpretation of tradition, appearing calm and timeless.

We are very pleased that we were able to do planning and supply of the entire timber structure for this important new building.

Article: The Guardian from 23.11.2021