Roof pavilion of the Basler Kantonalbank

Lounge and cafeteria on the 6th floor – honeycomb structure

The trigger for this project was the internal change at BKB towards Working World 4.0. The cultural change driven by digital technologies and the resulting change in cooperation with customers and employees is reflected in the umbrella structure.
PM Mangold Holzbau AG, Ormalingen, completed the complex timber construction within a very short installation time and under difficult inner-city conditions.
As general planner, ZEUGGIN Architekt & Holzbauingenieur developed a new cafeteria for the Basel Kanontalbank on its roof terrace in the city centre of Basel in the style of Voronoi mathematics (cell growth).Thanks to the GSA-Technology of the neue Holzbau AG, Lungern, an aesthetically pleasing, almost invisible connection was created, which could be installed efficiently.

Because sustainability is a top priority at the Basler Kantonalbank, the supporting structure was built from Swiss ash and softwood.