Valley and Mountain station, Klein Matterhorn, Zermatt

The world’s highest three-cable gondola leads to the Klein Matterhorn near Zermatt and will connect Italy with Switzerland in 2021. 

A wooden construction was chosen for the bottom and top stations. This was partly for design and ecological reasons and partly because the station buildings have to provide a fire resistance of 30 minutes (R30). Furthermore, wood is light and the GSA® technology of the neue Holzbau AG allows short construction times due to the prefabrication.

The wooden supports are deliberately designed solid in order to architecturally stage the heavy loads of wind and snow. Snow and avalanche loads of locally up to 6.0 tons per square meter and wind loads of 320 kg/m2 (more than three times the loads of the flat land) act on the building. The wooden construction is formed by rigid frames, each leaning against the other. The span was reduced with struts towards the rock face. Since components with a maximum length of 12 m could be transported, the beams and columns had to be constructed with flexurally stiff assembly joints.

The report for reading (german) | Source: Lignum Holzbulletin 136/2020 Sustainable Building Solar Architecture

Delamination-resistant gluing for hardwood

Process-safe industrial hardwood bonding with 1K PUR adhesive and primer
In 2019, neue Holzbau AG switched the surface bonding of the BSH softwood and hardwood plant to 1K PUR adhesives from Henkel. What can be formulated here in one sentence was a process in practice,
which lasted several years. In addition to the necessary pioneering spirit, the Swiss model company also had the right partners at its side: Henkel Engineered Wood and the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

The complete report of the Holzkurier can be read here (german). – The anniversary newspaper of HP Gasser AG

HP Gasser AG will soon be celebrating its 30th anniversary. For the communication of this event and as a connecting element to their partners, clients and customers, they have published a newspaper. Our two companies have often joined forces for one property in order to be able to present the customer or the builder-owner with an optimal result.

To have HP Gasser AG as a business partner is a great honour and a great merit. Therefore, n’H-TEAM is looking forward to continue to realise exciting and innovative projects together with you in the future.

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A supporting structure entirely of ash GL40 + GL48

The main supporting structure in the Ekkharthof consists of 71 m3 ash-glulam
From 2014 to 2018 the Ekkharthof, a sanatorium and educational institution, was completely renovated. Architect Lukas Imhof, together with Neue Holzbau AG, Lungern/CH, realized the project entirely in wood. Like a barn, the interior is symmetrical. The solid frame structure made of ash is self-bracing. The bending-resistant connections were developed with the engineering office Josef Kolb, Romanshorn, and the engineers of Neue Holzbau using the GSA®-Technology.
Neue Holzbau AG has specialized in the production of glued laminated timber in hardwood and supplied the primary supporting structure in ash with frames, some of which were already assembled in the factory. Imhof also chose ash for its aesthetic appeal, which he preferred to that of beech, which has similar strength values.

Article from the Holzkurier (german)

Pyramidal fold for best Swiss fine chocolate

The new five-storey building and the extension were designed as a hybrid building in the lower office floors. The columns and ceilings are made of concrete and the non-load-bearing exterior wall elements of timber system construction. The floor has projections of up to 4.5 m. These are supported by individual glulam beams with dimensions of 400/1120 mm (brown). HBV-Floors are mounted between the glulam beams.
The trusses were prefabricated as complete elements in the factory of the neue Holzbau AG in Lungern. The beech construction node was integrated into the lower chord in such a way that it is no longer visible in the installed condition.

Copyright: Pro Holz Schweiz | Read the full report here (german)

Wood industry is a popular employer in Central Switzerland

The fact that wood as a resource is of vital importance in Central Switzerland, that the Central Swiss timber industry with its 16,000 employees is very strongly networked and generates around 4.5 % of the total value added in Central Switzerland is shown in a sector mirror prepared by the Institute for Business and Regional Economics IBR. It was commissioned by Lignum Holzwirtschaft Zentralschweiz, an association that strengthens the competitiveness of the entire forest and timber industry in Central Switzerland.

Press release Lignum (german)

Roof pavilion of the Basler Kantonalbank

Lounge and cafeteria on the 6th floor – honeycomb structure

The trigger for this project was the internal change at BKB towards Working World 4.0. The cultural change driven by digital technologies and the resulting change in cooperation with customers and employees is reflected in the umbrella structure.
PM Mangold Holzbau AG, Ormalingen, completed the complex timber construction within a very short installation time and under difficult inner-city conditions.
As general planner, ZEUGGIN Architekt & Holzbauingenieur developed a new cafeteria for the Basel Kanontalbank on its roof terrace in the city centre of Basel in the style of Voronoi mathematics (cell growth).Thanks to the GSA®-technology of the neue Holzbau AG, Lungern, an aesthetically pleasing, almost invisible connection was created, which could be installed efficiently.

Because sustainability is a top priority at the Basler Kantonalbank, the supporting structure was built from Swiss ash and softwood.

New bridge Gletschersand

The predecessor structures in the glacier sand of Grindelwald, which had been destroyed by floods, were replaced by Switzerland’s first timber-UHFB composite bridge. The structure is 40 m long and, as part of a main hiking trail, runs in an elegant arch across the Schwarze Lütschine.

The wooden substructure consists of three 25 m long GL 24c glulam beams of 25 m length, each with two slip-on beams. The substructure transfers the loads as a wooden arch over the pile-founded, disintegrated concrete abutments into the ground. The slips rest in concrete niches directly on the concrete abutments. The force transmission of the wooden arched beams is effected via a corresponding steel joint to the concrete abutments.

The shear connection interlocks the glulam (BSH) with the UHFB so that both building materials interact statically. The bond is ensured by steel threaded rods which are glued into the glued laminated timber with epoxy resin: GSA® technology from the company neue Holzbau AG.

Here the article from the magazine Brückenbau. (german)

Views in wood

The new catering building for the Ekkharthof anthroposophical healing and education centre combines static principles with a formal language. The large glazed areas are structured
from the supporting structure in ash. Mighty columns of fine Swiss hardwood form the framework for the „Cantina“, the meeting place as a friendly and transparent centre of the social institution.

„The construction could also have been realized in spruce glulam. However, the dimensions would then have been about 40% larger, which of course would have changed the elegance of the supporting structure,“ says Bruno Abplanalp, Chairman of the Board of Directors of neue Holzbau AG in Lungern, which carried out the order. The company is considered a pioneer in building with hardwood and has long been producing BSH beams and special components in hardwood, in addition to ash and beech, also in oak or robinia.

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Corona-Triage instead of garden sauna

When woodworkers, IT specialists and horticulturists work together in a network, something surprising can happen – like a test environment made of wood modules integrated into a complex material cycle. The flexibility of the mobile structures is immediately demonstrated in the state of emergency during the Corona pandemic: The sauna module, originally intended for the Giardina trade fair, is quickly converted into an X-ray room for a Covid 19 test centre in Zurich.
The dimensionally stable frame is decisive for the high flexibility of the modules – all walls can be removed and the structures can be used horizontally and vertically. The neue Holzbau AG, Lungern,
is responsible for its construction. A beech wood frame (6 × 3 × 3 meters) forms the basic structure of the room module. The heavily loaded corner joints are connected with GSA®-technology
designed to be resistant to bending.

Article Wir Holzbauer (german)