Landenberghaus, Greifensee

The new replacement building for the cultural centre with a hall, club rooms and a bistro by the lake offers a platform for events of all kinds. The interplay of the historic
stone walls with the wooden interior creates a unique atmosphere in the ballroom, which also has excellent room acoustics.

Find out more here. Source: Lignum Holzbulletin 150/2024 Cultural buildings

VERBINDÄ was a complete success / Anniversary review

WOW, we are overwhelmed!

We welcomed more than 1,500 guests to our anniversary celebration in Lungern under the motto VERBINDÄ…. Various food stands, a comedy trio, painting wooden cows, a nostalgia corner and much more were on the program.

On Friday, we toasted with our customers and suppliers and looked back on the last 40 years. On the following Saturday, we opened our doors to relatives and n’H fans – the interest was great and our joy even greater!

Thank you very much for coming, for the great conversations, for the gifts and much more – you made the event as overwhelming as we could have imagined and hoped for.

Cantonal bank, Sarnen in Lignum Holzbulletin 147/2023

The Cantonal Bank, built in timber construction, appears from the outside as a strong, almost classical-looking structure, which thus has a strong presence in the new quarter.
Inside, the two-storey reception hall creates a spaciousness that thrives on the visible timber construction and other locally sourced materials.

Read the whole article here (german). Source: Lignum Holzbulletin 147/2023 Office and administrative buildings

Gotthard service area, Erstfeld in Lignum Holzbulletin 146/2023

Four precisely placed volumes combine to form a whole and create exciting spatial sequences. Together with the imposing topography of the Reuss Valley, these become an
Reuss valley to an unexpected experience. The wood forms the framework for this: It enables permeability between the outside and the inside and at the same time is reminiscent of the functional buildings in the surrounding area.

Read the whole article here (german). Source: Lignum Holzbulletin 146/2023 Hotel and gastronomy

PV system on the roofs of n’H

In March 2022, the neue Holzbau AG Lungern decided to cover a large part of its roof surfaces with PV. This decision came primarily from the energy rating of our products: Thus, according to KBOB, our products made of Swiss glulam are assessed with a CO2 footprint. This evaluation is based on the energy consumer mix according to KBOB (0.125 kgCO2/kWh). The footprint of glulam is very good compared to other building materials. Here are some comparative figures:

  • Glulam from Swiss production = 110 kgCo2eq/m3
  • Structural concrete without reinforcement = 230 kgCo2eq/m3
  • Steel profile without treatment = 5790kg Co2eq/m3

Reduction of CO2 emissions:

With the plant we can save the following amounts of CO2 with an annual quantity of approximately 800’000 kWh and the assumption that these 800’000kWh were produced in the past with the CH consumer mix according to KBOB:

800’000kWh*(0.125-0.044kgCO2/kWh) => 64.8 tons reduction of CO2 emissions.

Our PV system has been in operation since mid-April 2023. Thanks to the PV system, we are able to generate almost 100 % of our own energy.

Hardwood in structural engineering

Large forces in long-span and multi-storey timber engineering structures require the use of high-performance components and optimised technologies to ensure the load-bearing safety of the structures.

On 5 July, the annual Technology Briefing will take place at the Empa Academy, Dübendorf. Results from research and practical examples will be presented, and the challenges and solutions offered by building with hardwood will be explained.

Programme Technology Briefing (german)

General Assembly ProHolz 06th – 07th May 2023

Proholz is the association of former students of the wood construction major at the Höhere Fachschule Holz in Biel.

We are pleased to be the main sponsor of the general assembly on 06 + 07 May 2023 in Martigny.

More about the General Assembly

Review 4. Branchentreff 2023

The 4th Netzwerk Holz Branchentreff 2023 took place at the Trauffer Erlebniswelt in Hofstetten near Brienz! A successful event with exciting insights and stimulating discussions. Here is a short video of this event.(© MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG)

New handball hall, Stans

The new handball hall in Stans is an apprentice project. The apprentices have taken the reins on the construction site and are allowed to do more themselves under supervision and thus also have greater responsibility. We are enthusiastic about the idea, as it is a showcase project for the promotion of young talent and an innovative approach. Thank you to all involved.

By the way: Our company was allowed to deliver the wooden structure, which the apprentices assembled excellently. Full report from Schweiz aktuell (german)


The video on the profession of wood industry specialist shows how versatile the work with the raw material wood can be. With your job, you connect the forest with the construction and energy industries and also protect the climate. Click here for the video (german).