The new Werkof+, a milestone for Grenchen Airport

Behind the invisible name Werkhof+ hides a multifunctional hangar, built by the architects Ivo Erard Architekten + Planer AG. A building that, with its versatility, will be a central component of airport development for the coming years and decades.
The new building rests on 73 micropiles with a length of 10-14 metres each, as Grenchen Airport is located in the former alluvial plain of Lake Solothurn. The wooden facade was made of local white fir and the structural connections were made with our so-called GSA® technology.

Here is the article from the magazine Grenchen Airport 2/2019 (german)

Vote for Lotti

Lotti, the BIM cow, was nominated as „Digital Top 10“ by Digital Real Estate by pom+ and Bauen digital Schweiz / buildingSMART Switzerland. The award recognizes the best innovations in Switzerland that address the digital transformation in the construction and real estate industry. The best four projects will be selected by public vote and presented at the Digital Real Estate Summit (DRES) in March 2020.

So vote for Lotti now!

„Lotti, the BIM cow“ is an ambassador for all positive aspects of digitization. In 2019, 150 companies in the timber industry will participate in the future possibilities of digital construction. Lotti became a reality with a workflow from the BIM-Cloud, E-Shop, ERP, CAD-CAM, RFID to assembly with „mixed reality“ at the Holz trade fair. With its 12 m3 of raw material it binds about 5 tons of CO2. The Swiss quality wood for Lotti grows again in 36 seconds in the Swiss forests. Link (german)

Project V-Bahn

„The most innovative and exciting construction project in the Alps“

In the tradition of the visionary pioneering achievements in the construction of the Jungfrau Railway 1896-1912, the V-Bahn will be completed by December 2020. From the new terminal in Grindelwald, a 3S cable car will take passengers to the Eiger Glacier and a new 10-passenger gondola lift to Männlichen – spectacular views and significantly reduced travel times included.
The neue Holzbau AG, Lungern, was able to supply the primary supporting structures for the various valley and mountain stations in the V-Bahn project, made of glulam in various strength classes. The different connections were solved with the pluggable GSA® technology.
With the delivery of approx. 580 m3 of glulam, the Jungfrau Railway will store approx. 580 tons of CO2 in its buildings over the years and thus make a significant contribution to our climate.

Here you will find all milestones, construction site information and media releases as well as pictures and films. (german)

Wooden constructions support solar façade envelopes

In the station and garage buildings constructed for the three-rope cable car to the Klein Matterhorn above Zermatt which has been in operation since last winter
the modern timber construction meets the high demands on the building envelopes.
In the valley station building, the main beams of the wooden construction are connected by rigid assembly joints (GSA® technology) and have a cross-section of 40 to 152 cm.
The wooden construction of the mountain station is formed by rigid frames (GSA® technology) which lean against each other.

You can read the entire report from the Swiss BauJournal here (german).

Congratulations to the Jubilees

At the beginning of November, NH Akustik + Design AG and the neue Holzbau AG held their annual works meeting together. As usual, they were informed about the activities of the works commission as well as about the current course of business.

The actual highlight of the meeting were the honours of the long-standing employees. The new Holzbau AG was able to announce the proud number of five anniversaries. All names and the number of years of service are noted in the legend of the photo.

The management would like to thank the anniversary employees for their commitment and loyalty to the neue Holzbau AG.

From left to right:
André Eberli (20 years), Thomas Imhof (15 years), Sascha Abplanalp (CEO),
Thomas Strahm (20 years), Christian Fuchs (15 years)

So clients are no longer tied to milking times

The new stable of the farm of the Lifestyle Foundation has been inaugurated in Ramsern. Most visitors find words of praise, but there is also criticism.

„Innovation means moving with the times, even if you have to make an unpopular decision,“ says Walter Sutter, President of the Langnau Municipal Council. In the run-up to the event, the decision of the Lifestyle Foundation to switch from dairy cattle to suckler cow husbandry was to talk.

The whole report of the BZ from October 14, 2019 (german)

How Lotti, the BIM cow, mixing up the construction industry

Beside the „la vache, qui rit“ („The cow that laughs“) new „Lotti, the BIM cow“ advertises. This cow has a good chance of becoming the darling of the public at HOLZ 19. Built in oversized size in solid wood,
it represents Switzerland and stands for the end-to-end digitisation of its complex production. With the world’s largest „Treichel“, it could even make its way into the Guinness record book.

The whole article of the Schweizer Holzrevue 9-2019 (german)

Lotti the BIM cow@Wood 2019

„Lotti the BIM cow“ makes digitisation tangible and tangible.
With the project „Lotti the BIM cow“, initiated by the Bern University of Applied Sciences together with business partners, innovation and digitisation can be experienced. Lotti is created digitally and is actually built: Various companies from all over Switzerland obtain production data for individual parts on the Internet, produce the parts in their plants and assemble them on site at Holz Basel from 15 to 19 October 2019.