New interstate service area Gotthard, Erstfeld – an archetypal functional building

In 2018, the new Gotthard interstate service area in the southbound direction in Schattdorf was completed. The office alp architektur lischer partner ag answered some questions about it.
To the question “Which material contributed to the success of the completed building?” they clearly meant wood. In Gropius’ time, there was “stone, wood and iron” at the Bauhaus. From your point of view, these are still the essential building materials today, which you also used in the service area. The materials used were mainly Swiss silver fir wood from the Napf region and concrete with local Reuss gravel. Both are simple and local materials, but their treatment gives the building longevity and great value.

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Building bridges for wildlife

Where the A2 once interrupted the wildlife corridor near Neuenkirch, deer and polecats can now once again reach the opposite part of the forest since the construction of the new wildlife overpass.

The company HUSNER AG Holzbau, CH-Frick, assembled the complete wooden construction in about 30 nights. Our team was allowed to produce the 90 glulam beams that will span the A2 in future with 3 lanes in each direction. A single girder is 17.5 metres long, 72 centimetres wide and 1.24 metres high. Thanks to prefabrication, the construction time was short compared to solid construction, so that traffic disruptions could be reduced to a minimum. The climate-friendly construction method with wood has an excellent ecological balance, because the wood used (oak, spruce, fir) was grown and processed in Switzerland. In total, HUSNER
used a total of 1,650 m³ of wood for the construction of the bridge. A remarkable 1,518 tonnes of CO2 are bound in this.

Source: HUSNER AG Holzbau in-house newspaper (german)

Supported by beech

The large-volume new building of the “Kleine Kreuzzelg” school complex is designed as a three-storey wooden structure. Beech columns and beams form the primary load-bearing structure of the school building. The simple and unagitated presence of the new building is striking.

The visible, wooden surfaces of the columns and ceilings create a calm and concentrated atmosphere. “Construction beech is composed of thin rotary cut veneers and is stiffer and stronger than solid softwood,” says Marco Portmann, project manager. These high-performance beams enable large spans with filigree construction. The ceilings are built as wood-concrete composite elements. In all classrooms, they are freely spanned up to 9.5 metres.

Source: HUSNER AG Holzbau in-house magazine (german)

The Podcast with Bruno Abplanalp

Bruno Abplanalp is the former managing director and current chairman of the board of directors of neue Holzbau AG in Lungern. In the podcast, he talks to us about GSA-Technology and the organisation of the company. He also tells us what his goal is before he retires.

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The first bank headquarters of a Swiss in wood

The Obwaldner Kantonalbank (OKB) deliberately chose wood as the building material for its new headquarters. The basement and the access core were realised in solid construction. The five storeys above ground were built in timber. The natural building material also characterises the interior fittings.

Our team was allowed to deliver the primary supporting structure made of ash wood including HBV ribs and connection technology with GSA. We are particularly pleased that a traditional company is relying on wood as a raw material for the construction of its new company building.

Post by PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG (german)

Neat enough for Pepys: Magdalene college Cambridge’s inventive new library

“My delight is in the neatness of everything,” wrote Samuel Pepys in his diary in 1663, “and so cannot be pleased with anything unless it be very neat, which is a strange folly.” He was referring in part to the fastidious organisation of his magnificent collection of books. By the time of his death in 1703 he had amassed 3,000 of them, which he left to his alma mater, Magdalene College, Cambridge, to be housed in a dedicated building with his name above the door.

The famous diarist’s dedicated building, left to his Cambridge alma mater, could not be altered. So architect Níall McLaughlin created a magical solution: Magdalene College’s new library is a successful reinterpretation of tradition, appearing calm and timeless.

We are very pleased that we were able to do planning and supply of the entire timber structure for this important new building.

Article: The Guardian from 23.11.2021

Structural Timber Awards 2021

A Celebration of Sustainable Construction

Construction professionals were once again able to congregate at this prestigious awards ceremony on 06 October at the National Conference Centre, Birmingham – to celebrate architectural achievements and engineering ingenuity in timber construction. With 16 categories, nearly 250 entrants and over 60 companies shortlisted, the Structural Timber Award judges had an unenviable task. For this reason, we are all the more delighted that Eurban Construction, London won in the “Installer of the year” category at our common project Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Building dreams with Swiss wood

Building with wood is in keeping with the spirit of the times. When wood is burned, it only releases as much CO2 as it absorbed during growth. If it is built with wood, the CO2 remains bound. And the fact that wooden buildings can literally grow to the sky is demonstrated by various large-scale projects being worked on in Lungern. Even skyscrapers, bridges and indoor tennis courts are given their customized elements here.

Read the whole report of the “Schweizer Illustrierte” here (german).

FOX BROTHERS are at the Swiss Epic 2021

From Tuesday, 17 August to Saturday, 21 August, our salesman Christian Fuchs and his brother Markus will contest their 4th Swiss Epic together. The route leads over five days from St. Moritz to Valposchiavo, from where the participant teams will ride over the Scalettapass to Davos. With a total of 327 kilometres and 11,000 metres of altitude, the two-person teams will have to demonstrate not only the necessary fitness but also a fair amount of concentration and technical skills to be able to conquer the Alps in 2021. As a sponsor of the FOX Brothers, we are curious about the result and the impressions of the two participants.

The competition can be followed via the live tracker.


Conclusion after half-time:
The skills have already been put to the test a few times. Strong wind, steep climbs, many metres of altitude and long descents are part of the daily programme. Then there was a flat rear wheel on Thursday. However, the problem was quickly solved and so the FOX Brothers are still in 7th place in the Masters after the 3rd day.

Precision down to the last millimetre

The largest framework ever made of Swiss beech was installed at the Holzkraftwerk Basel 1. The over 36-metre-long individual pieces from Fagus Suisse SA serve not only as load-bearing elements, but also as the front of an extension. Here, the wood is subjected to tension and compression, the prime discipline of strong beech wood.

The framework used in Basel is a custom-made product that is second to none. Manufactured on the modern machine of Fagus Suisse SA in Les Breuleux in the Jura.
The wood, many metres long and made of beechwood, left the factory to be assembled into a framework by neue Holzbau AG in Lungern in the canton of Obwalden, which has a great deal of experience in the processing of hardwood.

Report Holzrevue 7/8-2021 (german)