Ice- and training hall HC Davos

From an engineering point of view, the most interesting components are probably the ten timber trusses with a length of 41 m and an average height of 4.2 m. They could not be transported in one piece from Lungern OW to Davos GR (through half of Switzerland). It was not possible to transport them in one piece from Lungern OW to Davos GR (through half of Switzerland). The design as a frame with the support on the A-shaped inner struts meant that the tensile forces had to be anchored on the outside of the façade using a tension band.

Through the targeted use of hardwood, trusses can be optimised up to the highest load level. However, this requires a high-performance connecting means such as GSA Technology (connection with glued-in threaded rods). In order to better understand the problems in the truss nodes, almost 100 truss nodes were tested and evaluated in the n’H laboratory.
were tested and evaluated.

Although simple and reduced to the essentials, the HCD training hall meets the defined requirements. The high loads combined with the large span and the available dimensions also make this building interesting from an engineered timber construction point of view.

Read the article in ProHolz 4/22 (german).

We are “Timber Contractor of the Year 2023”

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible

This success story was made possible not least by the tireless efforts of neue Holzbau AG. Founded in 1983, the Swiss have been running an applied research laboratory for 22 years. There, the company is constantly developing and testing new fasteners as well as hardwood and hybrid timber beams for load-bearing timber construction.

“We grow with the feedback from practice – this applies to our products as well as our processes and assembly technology. We don’t want to be the biggest, but we always want to be the best,” adds Bruno Abplanalp, Chairman of the Board of Directors of neue Holzbau AG.

Many thanks to Holzkurier for crowning our first place. Read the entire report from Holzkurier 48 (german).

Roofing of the Alpine Sports Centre, Mürren: Roger Baumer, SQWER AG Thun
Valley station 3-S cable car small Matterhorn: William Croall
New Berent house, Ecole d’Humanité, Hasliberg Goldern: Love Weber Photography, Bern

Honorary doctorate for Ernst Gehri

In recognition of his achievements in timber construction research and the promotion of young scientists at TU Graz, Ernst Gehri has been awarded an honorary doctorate by TU Graz.

A high reputation in one’s own field as well as an outstanding individual achievement in science and research or in technical and scientific innovation that have a lasting impact on society: These requirements must be met in order to receive an honorary doctorate from TU Graz. It is only awarded to persons outside the university and is considered one of the highest academic honours awarded by TU Graz.

The neue Holzbau AG and Prof. Ernst Gehri jointly developed the connection system, our GSA technology. The system is already in over 4000 buildings all over the world. We warmly congratulate Ernst Gehri on this award!

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Impressive pictures from our production

Production of GSA frameworks for the new Kost Holzbau AG workshop, Küssnacht am Rigi

The neue Holzbau AG is perfectly equipped for the industrial production of trusses made of softwood and hardwood. Sustainable building means building in a way that conserves resources. By dividing the cross-section into a framework, the building material can be used very efficiently. The timber in the framework is mainly subjected to tension and compression parallel to the grain (parallel to the grain, wood has significantly higher strengths and stiffnesses than across the grain). Compared to a solid timber beam, 40-50% material can be saved.

Wood, resin and steel

Joining system opens up new possibilities
Over the past 22 years, neue Holzbau AG has developed fasteners based on glued-in threaded rods that now cover 80% of the standard connections in modern timber engineering. Now the Swiss timber engineering pioneer is making this standardised GSA technology available to other companies by means of a GSA licence.

More on the report from Holzkurier, issue 42, here (german)

The new library at Magdalene College is the winner

The new library at Magdalene College, Cambridge is the winner of the RIBA Stirling Prize 2022!

The exquisitely detailed new building provides students at the 700-year-old University of Cambridge college with a new library – open 24 hours a day – incorporating an archive and an art gallery.

Níall McLaughlin Architects has succeeded in using sustainable materials and design elements to make Magdalene College in Cambridge an award-winning facility.
We are delighted to have been commissioned to design and supply the timber for this important new building.


Aiming high at “Holz 2022”

At the traditional Swiss trade fair, which will take place from 11 – 15 October 2022 in Basel, Holzbau Schweiz will present the “Jenga high-rise wooden building” to interested trade visitors. The industry association shows the developed high-rise building, as well as the performance and competitiveness of the Swiss timber construction industry. Together with students from the Bern University of Applied Sciences, we were allowed to plan and build the mock-up. There are no upper limits for wood as a building material, and the wooden high-rise is a good example of this.



We are very pleased to have won the HIPE AWARD 2022. This means that we are one of the top 310 service providers from over 20,000 applications submitted across all sectors in the German-speaking world.

Founded with the vision of providing consumers with greater quality assurance and identifying and honouring outstanding service providers, HIPE AWARD is one of the most important awards for outstanding service providers and inspiring customer experiences.

“Customers don’t want satisfaction, customers want delight.” – Our team takes this philosophy very much to heart, working passionately and enthusiastically to delight n’H fans and customers. Thank you for the award!

Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar – training in the new tennis halls

The training camp of the “Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar” will take place on the Bürgenstock from 22th – 28th August 2022. During these six days, young people between 12 and 18 years can develop their talent to become as famous and victorious as Rafael Nadal. Besides training in the new halls, they will learn to compete, controlling their mind and emotions, confidence and body language, and fighting until the last ball.

It is a great pleasure for us that academies with such great athletes come to us in Switzerland to train their students. And on top of that, in the new tennis halls, where we were allowed to build the special wooden structure. We wish lots of fun and success!

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Representation made of wood – Cantonal bank Obwalden

It is still alone. Its compact volume exudes a certain pride – strict order, symmetry, classic three-part construction. You could call it a palazzo if the bank were in the centre of the village. There, it would perhaps be clad in natural stone, as was customary for bank buildings in the past. But here, on the northern outskirts of Sarnen, stands the cantonal bank Obwalden.
in its dark-painted dress of local wood.

The wood accompanies the visitors and staff at every turn. In the large hall, this is due to the high wooden pillars; on the upper floors, they have broken free from the room’s shell. For this, the hardwood ash was used, which can be dimensioned much finer than soft spruce and warps less than beech.

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