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Company headquarters Max Felchlin in Ibach von Meili, Peter & Partner

Rarely does architecture appear so dissolved in elements and as a whole at the same time. Solid construction and timber construction go together, they are mutually dependent. Everything – material, use and image – is held together by the design, a process of constant refinement.

Here is the whole article from werk, bauen + wohnen, wbw 5-2019, Zurich (german) / www.wbw.ch

Industrial hall presents itself with roof structure from BauBuche

Since mid-2018, the new production hall of the Swiss company SIGA has supplemented the existing buildings at the Schachen site. From the outside it is optimally integrated, from the inside the architecture radiates the innovative character of the new building. It results from the filigree roof structure of BauBuche- timber trusses and glulam cross beams. In combination with the GSA connection technology, the timber construction further increases its efficiency.

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We are top of wood!

The St. Gallen Business Review interviewed Bruno Abplanalp, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the neue Holzbau AG in Lungern. The Company is among the world leaders in the field of Wood engineering and is expanding into new markets such as Great Britain. “Wood is the construction material of the future” and according to Bruno Abplanalp the neue Holzbau
AG will continue to play a leading role in this.

The full report of St. Gallen Business Review | www.stgallenbusinessreview.com

New company headquarters for IMMER AG

Because space became tight at Zelgstrasse 95 in Uetendorf, the traditional Uetendorf company soon put a new central warehouse into operation, from where the approximately 40,000 articles are delivered throughout Switzerland.
You can find the entire construction report here. (german)

Whoever plants trees will win the sky!

Timberworker from Lungern took this to heart when they planted 1,000 young trees on Pilatus in Schwarzenberg.
An unusual idea prompted the new Holzbau AG (n’H AG) from Lungern in the canton of Obwalden, which specialises in innovations in timber engineering, to immortalise its 35th birthday under the Motto „TOUCH WOOD“.
One deciduous tree and one coniferous tree will be planted in the forest per m3 of glued laminated hardwood and per 10m3 of glued laminated softwood, which will be ordered in 2019, out of thanks to the customers.
So on April 12, 2019, the 25-man n’H squad team with the Swiss wrestler king Matthias Glarner set off for Schwarzenberg am Pilatus to reforest here early in the morning with the planting of a hectare of forest which fell victim to the Burglind storm in January 2018. After a dedicated effort and supported by an excellent snack organised by Andreas Gasser, the helpers were able to marvel at the work with pride and satisfaction in the late afternoon.

Pictures and report of the forest Action (german)

The unused resource

Actually, much more wood could be felled in Switzerland. But the development is going in a different direction. Companies like the new Holzbau AG in Lungern are worried about supplies.
The Swiss forest is underused. According to the Swiss Forest Industry Association, annual wood consumption is around 11 million cubic metres. In Switzerland, 7 to 8 million cubic metres could actually be harvested sustainably – actually 4.5 million cubic metres.
The report of the Luzerner Zeitung (german) / Source: Luzerner Zeitung, 3 April 2019

We have only this earth – therefore: Protect resources!

To celebrate our 35th anniversary, we donated wooden beech blocks for playing and building to the Lungern kindergarten. We take the whole climate debate seriously and want to playfully connect young people with the material WOOD at an early age. They are our future & future architects, engineers, carpenters and builders who want to plan and build with WOOD.
Whoever builds with WOOD protects the climate and binds CO2!

Triple management change at the new Holzbau AG, Lungern

Review of our 35th anniversary at the beginning of the year: At the new Holzbau AG there were three changes on the agenda: Arthur Fries handed over the chairmanship of the Board of Directors to the former Managing Director Bruno Abplanalp, who then handed over the management of the company to Sascha Abplanalp. 480 people came to celebrate this change and 35 years of new Holzbau AG, Lungern.

Contribution Holzrevue (german)

Rod-shaped supporting structure – tennis hall twins

Game, Set and Match. This has been possible again for over a year in the two tennis and event halls on the Bürgenstock. Since then, the resort on the mountain ridge in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden – impressively visible from the city of Lucerne – has been back in operation.
Steel parts should be as invisible as possible. With classical connections, however, slip and assembly tolerances would lead to large deformations at the sleeper. With a grouting joint developed specifically for this project using GSA® technology, the girders could be joined flush, precisely and force-closed. GSA® threaded rods were glued into the glulam with epoxy resin.

The complete report of Proholz Austria (german)

Developed from a dialogue

The nolax House in Sempach Station is an exceptional centre of innovation, which already attracts attention through its external appearance.
The contribution of Architektur + Technik, source: BL Verlag