Magdalene College has been shortlisted!

The new library of Magdalene College in Cambridge has been shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize!
We are very pleased that we were able to do planning and supply of the entire timber structure for this important new building.

The College has already been victorious in a number of nominations including RIBA East and National Award 2022, Gold Award and Distinction at the Wood Awards 2021, and winner of the Civic Trust Awards 2022.

More information about the project: The New Library, Magdalene College


Representation made of wood – Cantonal bank Obwalden

It is still alone. Its compact volume exudes a certain pride – strict order, symmetry, classic three-part construction. You could call it a palazzo if the bank were in the centre of the village. There, it would perhaps be clad in natural stone, as was customary for bank buildings in the past. But here, on the northern outskirts of Sarnen, stands the cantonal bank Obwalden.
in its dark-painted dress of local wood.

The wood accompanies the visitors and staff at every turn. In the large hall, this is due to the high wooden pillars; on the upper floors, they have broken free from the room’s shell. For this, the hardwood ash was used, which can be dimensioned much finer than soft spruce and warps less than beech.

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We are there – TOUCH WOOD 09.06 – 30.10.2022

Wednesday to Sunday 14.00 – 18.00

Wood spreads a spirit of optimism. Some of the most interesting debates about the future are being conducted around the material in architecture and urban development. Whether it’s about CO2 emissions, the development of technology, changes in urban landscapes or our relationship with nature:

Wood is always at the centre of the discussion. Starting from the material, TOUCH WOOD explores the potential in architecture and invites a differentiated reflection on our built future. Practical and visionary at the same time, TOUCH WOOD delves into the universe of wood and opens the view to an environmentally friendly architecture of the future.

Curated by Carla Ferrer, Thomas Hildebrand and Celina Martinez-Cañavate.

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication TOUCH WOOD – MATERIAL, ARCHITECTURE, FUTURE, edited by Carla Ferrer, Thomas Hildebrand and Celina Martinez-Cañavate, Zurich: Lars Müller Publishers 2022, ISBN 978-3-03778-697-0.

Download Flyer (german)

We are at Oslo International Timber Conference 2022

Oslo International Timber Conference will be held on June 14th and 15th at Kulturhuset in Oslo. It is an arena which brings together the latest from the world of timber architecture including technical innovative solutions, modern use of timber and award-winning architecture.

Our team will talk about projects from a large and varied timber portfolio of advanced timber structures and timber connections.

More infos here

The first headquarters of a cantonal bank in wood

The Obwaldner Kantonalbank (OKB) deliberately chose wood as the building material for its new headquarters. The basement and the access core were realised in solid construction. The five storeys above ground were built in timber. The natural building material also characterises the interior design.

Five storeys, 18 m high and a total area of 8,800 m2. Quadrum – as the new building is also called – consists primarily of a wooden construction with a square ground plan. The wooden supporting structure with a grid dimension of 2.8 m is built in skeleton construction (columns plus beams) entirely in ash wood from the canton of Obwalden. In the offices there are visible
composite timber-concrete ceilings with a span of 8.4 m are installed in the offices. The composite ceilings consist of wooden ribs (composite girders made of ash and spruce) and a concrete overlay. GSA technology was used as the connecting material.

Read the article from Holzkurier (german)

Review 4th AGM of Lignum Holzwirtschaft Zentralschweiz

On May 19th the 4th General Assembly of Lignum Holzwirtschaft Zentralschweiz took place in Lungern. The AGM was well attended, with 80 participants making their way to Lungern. The AGM started at 4.30 pm and was conducted by the President Pirmin Jung in his usual professional manner. After the meeting we moved to the Cantina Caverna (the largest rock grotto in Europe), where we had a aperitif followed by dinner and a lively discussion and exchange of ideas. Before dinner, Josef Hess, member of the OW government, welcomed us and informed us about forestry in the canton. Many thanks for the visit to Lungern!

ICTB 2021 Plus

The International Conference on Timber Bridges (ICTB) took place from 9 – 12 May in Biel. Many thanks to the organisers for the great and interesting 4 days of expertise in timber construction. You can download the documents here.

Locomotive shelter nominated for “Constructive Alps” award

The locomotive shelter in Zweisimmen opened its doors about 2 years ago. Now it has been nominated for the “Constructive Alps” competition. This awards prizes to the most sustainable buildings in various Alpine countries.


The building is 298 m2 in size and was constructed from simple wood. Why?
Wood has many advantages for prefabrication and in element construction. With wood you have a shorter construction time than with other materials.
We were very pleased to do the factory planning and manufacture of the construction with our GSA-Technology (LMV).

Read the article in the Jungfrau Zeitung (german)

“Jenga” at Swissbau

More than just a game: at Swissbau 2022, Holzbau Schweiz will be demonstrating the performance and competitiveness of the Swiss timber construction industry with the “Jenga” high-rise wooden building. The project is a good example of the fact that there are no upper limits to the building material and innovations in the timber construction sector.

In the form of a study competition, eleven teams of architecture students from the Bern University dealt with the development of a wooden high-rise building. A mock-up on a scale of 1:1, consisting of two full storeys with a cantilever, is intended to impress visitors from afar.

The fastening technology of the supporting structure is carried out with the fittings of neue Holzbau AG Lungern, which is constantly developing high-performance connections for components in softwood and hardwood. The assembly of the connection technology on the beech wood components is prepared in the factory in Lungern. In mid-April, n’H Lungern will deliver the ready-made components directly to Basel.

Video Swissbau

Something big is being created here!

Approx. 70 m3 of raw lamellas are sawn and dried from Swiss roundwood. With the raw lamellas, an approx. 50 m3 large wooden block is produced in Lungern. We now let you participate in the creation of the 23 tons of solid wood Trauffer cow. The XXL Trauffer solid wood cow will then be entered in the “Guinness World Record” book.