Wood industry is a popular employer in Central Switzerland

The fact that wood as a resource is of vital importance in Central Switzerland, that the Central Swiss timber industry with its 16,000 employees is very strongly networked and generates around 4.5 % of the total value added in Central Switzerland is shown in a sector mirror prepared by the Institute for Business and Regional Economics IBR. It was commissioned by Lignum Holzwirtschaft Zentralschweiz, an association that strengthens the competitiveness of the entire forest and timber industry in Central Switzerland.

Press release Lignum (german)

Roof pavilion of the Basler Kantonalbank

Lounge and cafeteria on the 6th floor – honeycomb structure

The trigger for this project was the internal change at BKB towards Working World 4.0. The cultural change driven by digital technologies and the resulting change in cooperation with customers and employees is reflected in the umbrella structure.
PM Mangold Holzbau AG, Ormalingen, completed the complex timber construction within a very short installation time and under difficult inner-city conditions.
As general planner, ZEUGGIN Architekt & Holzbauingenieur developed a new cafeteria for the Basel Kanontalbank on its roof terrace in the city centre of Basel in the style of Voronoi mathematics (cell growth).Thanks to the GSA®-technology of the neue Holzbau AG, Lungern, an aesthetically pleasing, almost invisible connection was created, which could be installed efficiently.

Because sustainability is a top priority at the Basler Kantonalbank, the supporting structure was built from Swiss ash and softwood.

New bridge Gletschersand

The predecessor structures in the glacier sand of Grindelwald, which had been destroyed by floods, were replaced by Switzerland’s first timber-UHFB composite bridge. The structure is 40 m long and, as part of a main hiking trail, runs in an elegant arch across the Schwarze Lütschine.

The wooden substructure consists of three 25 m long GL 24c glulam beams of 25 m length, each with two slip-on beams. The substructure transfers the loads as a wooden arch over the pile-founded, disintegrated concrete abutments into the ground. The slips rest in concrete niches directly on the concrete abutments. The force transmission of the wooden arched beams is effected via a corresponding steel joint to the concrete abutments.

The shear connection interlocks the glulam (BSH) with the UHFB so that both building materials interact statically. The bond is ensured by steel threaded rods which are glued into the glued laminated timber with epoxy resin: GSA® technology from the company neue Holzbau AG.

Here the article from the magazine Brückenbau. (german)

Views in wood

The new catering building for the Ekkharthof anthroposophical healing and education centre combines static principles with a formal language. The large glazed areas are structured
from the supporting structure in ash. Mighty columns of fine Swiss hardwood form the framework for the „Cantina“, the meeting place as a friendly and transparent centre of the social institution.

„The construction could also have been realized in spruce glulam. However, the dimensions would then have been about 40% larger, which of course would have changed the elegance of the supporting structure,“ says Bruno Abplanalp, Chairman of the Board of Directors of neue Holzbau AG in Lungern, which carried out the order. The company is considered a pioneer in building with hardwood and has long been producing BSH beams and special components in hardwood, in addition to ash and beech, also in oak or robinia.

Read the complete report in the Schreiner Zeitung here (german) | Copyright: www.schreinerzeitung.ch


Corona-Triage instead of garden sauna

When woodworkers, IT specialists and horticulturists work together in a network, something surprising can happen – like a test environment made of wood modules integrated into a complex material cycle. The flexibility of the mobile structures is immediately demonstrated in the state of emergency during the Corona pandemic: The sauna module, originally intended for the Giardina trade fair, is quickly converted into an X-ray room for a Covid 19 test centre in Zurich.
The dimensionally stable frame is decisive for the high flexibility of the modules – all walls can be removed and the structures can be used horizontally and vertically. The neue Holzbau AG, Lungern,
is responsible for its construction. A beech wood frame (6 × 3 × 3 meters) forms the basic structure of the room module. The heavily loaded corner joints are connected with GSA®-technology
designed to be resistant to bending.

Article Wir Holzbauer (german)

New wooden bridge for heavy loads on Rigi Fruttli

On Rigi Fruttli the old concrete bridge over the Rotenfluebach had to be replaced. The concrete bridge was more than 50 years old and no longer met the requirements. It was replaced by an innovative wooden bridge with a load capacity of 40 tons.
The task was to quickly replace and reuse the bridge. Together with the engineering office Edgar Kälin AG, Einsiedeln, we developed a hybrid solution with an HBV-System. The bridge slab was constructed with UHFB – ultra high performance fibre concrete. We solved the bond between the deck slab and the BSH-Beam GL32h with the GSA® HBV-System.

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Corona viruses on wooden surfaces – is there a risk?

The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has never before been detected in humans in this form. In recent years, however, similar new viruses have already been discovered in
(SARS and MERS coronaviruses) as infectious agents in humans.

In summary, it can be stated that wooden surfaces are comparatively „virus-proof“. This is mainly due to the microstructure of the wood and the presence of
antimicrobial substances in the wood.

All information here (german) | Quelle: Holzkurier


Sweet happiness is born before the mountains

The mountains as an architectural model: the chocolate manufacturer Max Felchlin AG created a building whose roof construction reaches the pinnacle of the art of timber construction.
The attic was realized as a timber construction by the companies Hecht Holzbau AG, Bisang Holzbau AG and neue Holzbau AG. It cantilevers up to four metres on all sides and also connects the office wing and the existing factory by a wooden bridge construction.
Copyright: mikado

Here is the article to read (german)

James Gruntz plays in the tennis halls Bürgenstock

The Swiss singer-songwriter James Gruntz played his song „Speechless“ in the new tennis halls of Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort. As the name of the song suggests, it has become a video with great vocals in an impressive atmosphere. The rhombic structure is equipped with our specially developed GSA® technology.
Click here for the video

James Gruntz TRIO – Speechless (live)
James Gruntz ::: Drums /// Vocals
Mathieu Friz ::: Keyboards
Michel Spahr ::: Guitar /// Bass
Edis Kahrimanovic ::: Recording /// Mixing
Dan Suter ::: Mastering
Pascal Berger ::: all things pictured
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