Corona viruses on wooden surfaces – is there a risk?

The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has never before been detected in humans in this form. In recent years, however, similar new viruses have already been discovered in
(SARS and MERS coronaviruses) as infectious agents in humans.

In summary, it can be stated that wooden surfaces are comparatively „virus-proof“. This is mainly due to the microstructure of the wood and the presence of
antimicrobial substances in the wood.

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Sweet happiness is born before the mountains

The mountains as an architectural model: the chocolate manufacturer Max Felchlin AG created a building whose roof construction reaches the pinnacle of the art of timber construction.
The attic was realized as a timber construction by the companies Hecht Holzbau AG, Bisang Holzbau AG and neue Holzbau AG. It cantilevers up to four metres on all sides and also connects the office wing and the existing factory by a wooden bridge construction.
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James Gruntz plays in the tennis halls Bürgenstock

The Swiss singer-songwriter James Gruntz played his song „Speechless“ in the new tennis halls of Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort. As the name of the song suggests, it has become a video with great vocals in an impressive atmosphere. The rhombic structure is equipped with our specially developed GSA® technology.
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James Gruntz TRIO – Speechless (live)
James Gruntz ::: Drums /// Vocals
Mathieu Friz ::: Keyboards
Michel Spahr ::: Guitar /// Bass
Edis Kahrimanovic ::: Recording /// Mixing
Dan Suter ::: Mastering
Pascal Berger ::: all things pictured
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Our company is open and the n’H-Team is at your disposal

Supporting and strengthening the competitiveness of our customers is and remains our entrepreneurial mission, even in difficult times. The Covid-19 brings daily changes in our private and professional lives. Thanks to our employees, we are able to process our orders and supply our customers just in time, even in difficult times.

The neue Holzbau AG, Lungern does everything in its power to protect the health of our customers, employees and families and we strictly adhere to the instructions of the FOPH. We will do our best to continue to supply you with our n’H-services and n’H-products.

A THANK YOU to our employees for their flexibility and their full commitment in this special time.

We are all required to comply with the instructions of the Federal Office of Public Health in order to master the situation and to survive it in good health.

Swiss wood connects

At the narrowest point in the Simmental, directly on the Simme, lies the small hamlet of Weissenburg. It has about 220 inhabitants and belongs to the municipality of Därstetten. Since last year, a new bridge construction has been crossing the river, connecting the hamlet – like the previous bridge – with the rural areas of the neighbouring municipality of Oberwil.

As the roadway is subject to heavy loads, six-centimetre thick oak planks were chosen for the pavement. All wearing parts were designed by n’H Lungern to be replaceable. This is particularly relevant for the road surface and the scrape board – also made of oak.

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Useful life: 80 years

Actually, it should only be an emergency bridge, the old Stillaubbrücke over the Grosse Entlen. It was built in 1996 after a storm. But the stable makeshift became a permanent condition. Because the narrow bridge near Finsterwald in the Entlebuch definitely no longer met today’s requirements, it was replaced by a wood-concrete composite structure for heavy goods traffic.

The inclined, single span HBV-Bridge is 6.30 meters wide and spans the Grosse Entlen with 24.15 meters. It was assembled from two pre-assembled timber constructions, each weighing 23 tons. The main supporting elements are six timber beams with GSA®-HBV from the neue Holzbau AG.

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Acropolis of Lake Constance

For a long time the people at Ekkharthof lived and worked withdrawn from the world. After forty years of operation, the sponsoring association wants to open the anthroposophical institution – including the building. The new cantina is an example of the change towards transparency and inclusion.

The proposal to use ash for the construction came from the civil engineers. The native tree species is still little known as construction wood. For a long time, ash was mainly used for tool handles, sports equipment or floorboards due to its high strength and elasticity. The neue Holzbau AG in Lungern has specialised in the production of glued laminated timber from hardwood and supplied the primary supporting structure in ash, with frames, some of which were already assembled in the factory.

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Transformation in the industrial quarter

In the western quarter of the city of Thun, industrial and office buildings dominate the townscape. This is also where the listed West Hall stands. The architectural firm Lanzrein + Partner has implemented its transformation with great care. Built-in wooden spatial bodies extend the functionality of the rooms – and in their raw quality take up the industrial charm of the existing buildings.
The supporting and truss construction was solved with the GSA® technology of the neue Holzbau AG.

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The age of timber

Wood is making a comeback. Once relegated to simple structures, now it takes on steel and concrete for pride of place in high-tech construction thanks to its sustainability.

We meet the Swiss players making a case for hugging trees.

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Past with connection to the future

High above Lake Lucerne lies the Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort. Its architectural history can be traced back to 1872. With the new owner, Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG, an incomparable wave of modernisation began, which was recently completed with the completion of the new Bürgenstock Hotel 5-Star-Superior and the Diamond Domes Tennis & Event Hall.

The Diamond Domes is a tennis and event hall in one. The ensemble inspires with a special roof construction, which imitates the form of a rock crystal with its different inclinations and the diamond system. The new facility consists of two symmetrically arranged tennis halls, which surround the outdoor court in the middle.

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