Moulded beech

Fagus moulded beech is a moulded laminated timber (similar to glulam) made out of Swiss beechwood. The aesthetically and technically very high-quality construction timber is manufactured by Fagus Suisse SA in as specially-developed, highly automated production plant in Les Breuleux in the Jura. Battens of 40×40 mm (finished size) are dovetailed together to form long bars and glued to make high-strength panels and beams. Thanks to its high strength, very thin supporting structures can be produced from moulded beech, which can be used where softwood reaches its static limits. The noble solid wood look of moulded beech makes the construction a distinctive design element of the interior.

Moulded beech available as panel and as beams

Moulded beech in timber framing

Fields of application for moulded beech

  • Application in linear supporting structures as columns, girders, beams
  • High-performance trusses with slim cross sectional dimension.
  • Also available as hybrid components beech/spruce
  • Flat structures glulam ceilings and laminated timber ceilings

Advantages of Fagus moulded beech

  • Solid wood products with natural solid wood look, invisible glue joints
  • homogeneous appearance on all sides thanks to moulded beam technology and butt offsets
  • Finger joint in the beam; with controlled joint offset for high strength up to GL48
  • low adhesive content (approx. 1.5 weight-%) due to lamella thickness of 40 mm
  • good-natured shrinkage/swelling behaviour in the event of exposure to moisture during installation
  • Swiss wood from sustainable forest management, use of customer wood possible
  • 100% Swiss added value from the forest to the construction site
  • short transport distances, low energy and CO2 Footprint

Dimensions and strength classes of the laminated timber beams:


80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 200, 240, 280 mm (larger widths possible with block glueing)


80, 120, 160, 200, … 1240 mm


< 13,50 m Standard length ex Fagus works; >13.50 m glulam production in Lungern


GL40h, GL48h

Dimensions of blockboards:


40, 60, 80, …  280 mm


up to1240 mm


2.00 – 13.50 m

The neue Holzbau AG has the most modern and versatile timber framing technology. The multi-machine concept allows us to use the optimum system for each component.
We provide you with support during assembly and accompany you during installation. State-of-the-art CAD/CNC technology and ingenious, easy-to-install GSA plug-in connections enable efficient erection.

Moulded beech & GSA-Technology

Moulded beech is a sustainable high-performance construction timber with a very high load-bearing capacity and an incomparable solid wood look. With GSA-Technology, optimal generation of joints is available.

Advantages with GSA-Technology

  • Standardised System
  • High degree of production
  • Aesthetics
  • Fire protection
  • Efficient assembly

More efficiency and profitability

The combination of moulded beech and GSA-Technology enables slim truss constructions with large spans, which at the same time meet the highest optical standards. The high quality and noble solid wood look without visible glue joints of moulded beech combined with the non-visible connecting elements create aesthetics previously unknown in timber construction. The economical use of material – moulded beech has a very low adhesive content – and the efficient production ensure economical designs with an excellent ecological balance.

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