Accoya Wood

Accoya®-Timber is the culmination of 80 years of research and development. Through acetylation, a superior timber is produced. The timber used for Accoya® comes from sustainable forestries. Its characteristics are superior to the best tropical timbers and can be used in rough situations such as in facades, patios and exposed timber structures. Accoya®-Timber carries a 50 year guarantee .

  • Radiata pine from plantations
  • Up to 4.8 m, “free of branches”, max. 25 years
  • “Acetylation” is the result of over 85 years of research
  • Acetic anhydride binds the “free hydroxyls”
  • New chemical structure without injecting new substances into the timber
  • Result: higher dimensional accuracy, extremely durable, better than Teek
  • Sustainable: growth 25 years, use guaranteed 50 years






Special structures