Villa, Bourg-en-Lavaux

Year of construction: 2019
Client: Amédée Berrut SA, Collombey
Timber engineer: Bois Initial SA, Morges
Architect: Lutz architectes, Givisiez
Dimensions: Length: 15.27 m | Width: 06.19 m | Height: 06.38 m
Copyright Photo: Corinne Cuendet

New house Fritzen, Wasen i. E.

Year of construction: 2018
Client: Krall Holzbau GmbH, Sumiswald
Timber engineering: Hanspeter Schütz, Wasen i. E.
Holzbauingenieur: neue Holzbau AG, Lungern
Dimensions: Length: 12.00 m | Width: 15.00 m | Height: 13.50 m

New residential and office building, Meiringen

Year of construction: 2015
Client: Santschi + Schild GmbH, Brienzwiler
Builder-owner: Alexandra Reimann und Paul Flück, Meiringen
Timber engineer: neue Holzbau AG, Lungern
Architect: Reimann Sidler Architekten, Meiringen
Dimensions: Length: 46.00 m | Width: 12.00 m | Height: 04.20 m
Copyright Photo: Thomas Hämmerli, Gondiswil und Ernst A. Kehrli, Zürich

New roof truss Julen, Zermatt

Year of construction: 2017/2018
Client: Basil Biner AG, Zermatt
Builder-owner: Manfred Julen und Conny Stucky, Zermatt
Timber engineer: Labag AG, Zermatt
Architect: G. Comina Architektur AG, Zermatt
Dimensions: Length: 15.83 m | Width: 13.82 m | Height: 08.34 m

Living in old age, Nennigkofen

Year of construction: 2017
Client: Bader Holzbau AG, Aedermannsdorf
Builder-owner: Genossenschaft am Dorfbrunnen, Nennigkofen
Timber engineer: neue Holzbau AG, Lungern
Architect: Architekturbüro Guido Kummer & Partner, Solothurn
Dimensions: Length: 12.31 m | Width: 10.50 m | Height: 03.33 m

New construction two-family house, Wiler

Year of construction: 2017
Client: Freiburghaus & Cie Construction en bois, Eschert
Builder-owner: Family Stauffer, Wiler
Timber engineer: neue Holzbau AG, Lungern
Architect: Holzbau Mäusli GmbH, Jegenstorf
Dimensions: Length.: 16.00 m | Width.: 10.00 m | Height: 07.00 m

Lower James Street, London

Year of construction: 2016
Client: Eurban Ltd., London
Timber engineer: Eurban Ltd., London
Architect: HaleBrown Architects, London
Dimensions: Length: 15.50 m | Width: 08.30 m | Height: 02.80 m
Copyright Photo:

New residential and commercial wellness building, Tegerfelden

Object of the month
Year of construction: 2017
Client: Husner AG Holzbau, Frick
Timber engineer: Swiss Timber Solutions AG, Zürich
Architekt: Oliver Christen Architekten GmbH, Baden
Dimensions: Length: 16.50 m | Width: 09.50 m | Height: 06.00 m
Copyright Photo: Valentin Jeck & Oliver Christen Architekten GmbH

Casa Bauer

Object of the month
Year of the construction
: 2015
Client: Künzi & Knutti AG, Adelboden
Timber engineer: AF TOSCANO AG
Matteo Thun Partners Srl, Milano
Dimensions: Länge: 10.92 m | Breite: 09.44 m | Höhe: 04.83 m
Copyright Photo: Claudia Rizzi

Freilager Albisrieden (timber house), Zurich

Object of the month
Year of construction
: 2013-2016
Client: Renggli AG, Schötz
Builder-owner: Freilager AG, Zürich
Timber engineer:
Indermühle Bauingenieure GmbH, Thun
 Rolf Mühlethaler, Bern
Dimensions: Length: 78.08 – 101.53 m | Width: 17.80 m | Height: 19.33 m
Copyright Photo: Zeljko Gataric Fotografie, Zürich