Pembroke College, Cambridge

Object of the month
Year of construction: 2023
Client: Eurban Limited, London GB
Builder-owner: Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, GB
Timber engineer: Eurban Limited, London GB
Architect: Haworth Tompkins Ltd, London GB
General contractor: Cocksedge Building Contractors Ltd., Suffolk GB
Copyright Photos: Fred Howarth, London GB

Addition of a storey to the “Brücke” office, Basel

Year of construction: 2021
Client: Stamm Bau AG, Arlesheim
Builder-owner: Holzkraftwerk Basel AG, Basel
Timber engineer: Pirmin Jung Schweiz AG, Thun
Architect: Glaser Saxer Keller AG, Bottmingen
Dimensions: Length: 36.75 m | Width: 16.30 m | Height: 04.25 m
Copyright Photos: GSK

Magdalene College, Cambridge UK

Object of the month
Year of construction: 2019 – 2021
Client: Magdalene College, Cambridge UK
Builder-owner: Magdalene College, Cambridge UK
Timber engineer: n’H International Ltd / Eurban Construction, London UK / Smith and Wallwork Ltd, Cambridge UK
General Contractor: Cocksedge Building Contractors Ltd., UK
Architect: Níall McLaughlin Architects, London UK
Dimensions: Length: 35.00 m | Width: 21.00 m | Height: 15.00 m
Copyright Photos: Magdalene College, Cambridge UK

Staircase, Schoolhouse Islikon

Object of the month
Year of construction: 2019
Client: Blättler Holzbau GmbH, Affeltrangen
Builder-owner: Gemeinde Islikon
Timber engineer: Krattiger Engineering AG, Happerswil
Architect: jessenvollenweider architektur gmbh, Basel
Dimensions beam: Length: 13.60 m | Width: 00.24 m | Height: 01.40 m
Copyright Photos: jessenvollenweider architektur gmbh, Basel

Extension Fagus Suisse SA, Les Breuleux

Year of construction: 2020
Client: Fagus Suisse SA, Lex Breuleux
Builder-owner: Fagus Suisse SA, Lex Breuleux
Timber engineer: neue Holzbau AG, Lungern
Architect: Fagus Suisse SA, Lex Breuleux
Dimensions: Length: 32.30 m | Width: 20.30 m | Height: 09.71 m
Note: Connections made with GSA-Technology, the building is made of 100% Swiss wood. 33 m3 beech and 58 m3 spruce BSH, all with Swiss origin mark. For this, the certificate was handed over by Lignum in September 2020.

Gastronomy building Ekkharthof, Lengwil

Object of the month
Year of construction: 2018
Client: Kifa AG, Aadorf
Builder-owner: Ekkharthof, Lengwil
Timber engineer: Josef Kolb AG, Romanshorn
Architect: Lukas Imhof Architekten GmbH, Zürich
Dimensions: Length: 28.90 m | Width: 15.10 m | Height: 04.08 m
Copyright Photos: Lucas Peters Photography, Zürich

New machinery hall, Oensingen

Year of construction: 2015
Client: Skyworker AG, Oensingen
Builder-owner: Skyworker AG, Oensingen
Timber engineer: neue Holzbau AG, Lungern
Architect:  Schmid Architektur GmbH, Zofingen
Dimensions: Length: 48.50 m | Width: 16.00 m | Height: 06.00 m

New Berent house: Ecole d’Humanité, Hasliberg Goldern

Object of the month
Year of construction: 2017
Client: von Bergen Andreas & Roland AG, Hasliberg Goldern
Builder-owner: Ecole d’Humanité, Hasliberg Goldern
Timber engineer: Martin Rösti Ingenieure GmbH, Frutigen
Architect: Hans Peter Thöni Architekt, Hasliberg Goldern
Dimensions: Length: 16.83 m | Width: 10.80 m | Height: 10.40 m
Copyright Photo: Love Weber Photography, Bern |

Entrance portal Volvo, Germany

Year of construction: 2014-2017
Client: diverse Volvo Garagen
Builder-owner: Volvo Deutschland
Timber engineer: neue Holzbau AG, Lungern
Architekt:  intec Gewerbebau GmbH, Traunstein
Dimensions: Länge: 06.00-08.40 m | Breite: 00.80-01.25 m | Höhe: 02.45-02.70 m
Copyright Photo: Derdehmel / Popp Fahrzeugbau GmbH

3S Info Cube Trockener Steg, Zermatt

Object of the month
Year of construction
: 2016
Client: Brawand Zimmerei AG, Grindelwald
Builder-owner: Zermatt Bergbahnen AG, Zermatt
Timber engineer:
Indermühle Bauingenieure GmbH, Thun
arnold perren zurniwen gmbh, Zermatt
Dimensions: Length: 12.00 m | Width: 11.30 m | Height: 06.00 m
Copyright Photo: arnold perren zurniwen gmbh – Orsolya Horvath