SBB repair hall (Z41), Zurich

Object of the month
Year of construction: 2021
Client: Brawand Zimmerei AG, Grindelwald
Builder-owner: SBB, Zürich
Timber engineer: neue Holzbau AG, Lungern
Architect: maurusfrei Architekten AG, Zürich
General planning of the building envelope: Bernhard Partner AG, Langenthal
Dimensions: Length: 127.00 m | Width: 08.30 m | Height: 09.00 m
Copyright Photos: Ralph Feiner / Bernhard Partner AG, Langenthal

New machinery hall, Oensingen

Year of construction: 2015
Client: Skyworker AG, Oensingen
Builder-owner: Skyworker AG, Oensingen
Timber engineer: neue Holzbau AG, Lungern
Architect:  Schmid Architektur GmbH, Zofingen
Dimensions: Length: 48.50 m | Width: 16.00 m | Height: 06.00 m

Energy wood center Muttenz / office, Wood- & Scrap lumber

Object of the month
Year of construction
: 2016
Client:  Hess Holzbau AG, Ziefen
Builder-owner: Raurica Wald AG, Muttenz
Timber engineering:
neue Holzbau AG, Lungern
 Architektur Rolf Stadler AG, Münchenstein
Dimensions: Length: 36.50-43.50 m | Width: 22.00-31.00 m | Height: 10.00-20.00 m

Pavillon Swissbau

Object of the month

Load-bearing structures are our trademark – beech is excellent for this, thanks to its excellent strength values.
Marvel at the elegant, seven-metre-high supporting structure, which is “rounded off” with more than 30 segments in the truest sense of the word.

Year of construction: 2015
Client: Fagus Jura SA, Vendlincourt
Building-owner: Swissbau, Basel
Architect: Berrel Berrel Kräutler Architekten AG, Basel
Wood construction/Engineering:
Création Holz GmbH, Herisau
Timber construction: Erne AG, Laufenburg
Dimensions: Length: 15.00 m | Width: 9.85 m | Height: 7.00 m
Source: IEU Kommunikation AG Photo: Radek Brunecky