Annex Car Dealership von Känel

Year of construction: 2017
Client: Allenbach Holz- und Solartechnik AG, Frutigen
Builder-owner: Autohaus von Känel, Frutigen
Timber engineer:
Indermühle Bauingenieure GmbH, Thun
 J. Höhn + Partner Architekten AG, Thun
Dimensions: Länge: 51.01 m | Breite: 19.62 – 7.87 (konisch) m | Höhe: 9.74 m

Känel’s VW garage is being generously expanded. The cultivation and the adjustments in the entire operation cost a good 5 million Swiss francs. We are also allowed to have our fingers in the pie and deliver our well-known GSA® trusses to Frutigen.