n’H for builders

Timber is the oldest building material. It grows, is totally recyclable and does not disturb the ecological balance. Timber is climate friendly. The timber construction industry has never been as efficient as it is today. New manufacturing and connector techniques have made the scope of application much larger. Neue Holzbau AG’s development of GSA-Technology has placed them on the forefront of connector techniques. Large spans, elegant arches and minimalist structures do not pose any problems. Different timber types like Accoya® or hardwood such as oak, provide a wide range of application possibilities. Using timber outdoor is not a problem anymore. Individual building projects can be built cost efficiently in using timber. Easy to assemble plug connectors enable a fast installation. Neue Holzbau AG will be your partner from conception to realisation. We are the link between you, the timber builders, the carpenters, the architects and the engineers. We set timber in place where it makes sense. Whatever your vision, we are here to serve you.

New tennis halls, Berrgenstock Hotels & Resort
New assembly hall PC24 Pilatus Aircrafts, Stans
Pedestrian path Lochsiten
Gastronomy building Ekkharthof, Lengwil
Golfclubhouse Andermatt
Tribune Kulm Hotel, St. Moritz
Porta Nuova Garibaldi – Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milano
Schoolhouse North Strathfield, AUS
Accoya terrace
Lodge Elephant Park, Zurich Zoo
Young cattle barn Sumiswald
New mountain station, Männlichen


Glutz Solothurn
Villa, Bourg-en-Lavaux
Lower James Street, London
Nossenhouse, Andermatt