Precision down to the last millimetre

The largest framework ever made of Swiss beech was installed at the Holzkraftwerk Basel 1. The over 36-metre-long individual pieces from Fagus Suisse SA serve not only as load-bearing elements, but also as the front of an extension. Here, the wood is subjected to tension and compression, the prime discipline of strong beech wood.

The framework used in Basel is a custom-made product that is second to none. Manufactured on the modern machine of Fagus Suisse SA in Les Breuleux in the Jura.
The wood, many metres long and made of beechwood, left the factory to be assembled into a framework by neue Holzbau AG in Lungern in the canton of Obwalden, which has a great deal of experience in the processing of hardwood.

Report Holzrevue 7/8-2021 (german)