PV system on the roofs of n’H

In March 2022, the neue Holzbau AG Lungern decided to cover a large part of its roof surfaces with PV. This decision came primarily from the energy rating of our products: Thus, according to KBOB, our products made of Swiss glulam are assessed with a CO2 footprint. This evaluation is based on the energy consumer mix according to KBOB (0.125 kgCO2/kWh). The footprint of glulam is very good compared to other building materials. Here are some comparative figures:

  • Glulam from Swiss production = 110 kgCo2eq/m3
  • Structural concrete without reinforcement = 230 kgCo2eq/m3
  • Steel profile without treatment = 5790kg Co2eq/m3

Reduction of CO2 emissions:

With the plant we can save the following amounts of CO2 with an annual quantity of approximately 800’000 kWh and the assumption that these 800’000kWh were produced in the past with the CH consumer mix according to KBOB:

800’000kWh*(0.125-0.044kgCO2/kWh) => 64.8 tons reduction of CO2 emissions.

Our PV system has been in operation since mid-April 2023. Thanks to the PV system, we are able to generate almost 100 % of our own energy.