We are “Timber Contractor of the Year 2023”

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible

This success story was made possible not least by the tireless efforts of neue Holzbau AG. Founded in 1983, the Swiss have been running an applied research laboratory for 22 years. There, the company is constantly developing and testing new fasteners as well as hardwood and hybrid timber beams for load-bearing timber construction.

“We grow with the feedback from practice – this applies to our products as well as our processes and assembly technology. We don’t want to be the biggest, but we always want to be the best,” adds Bruno Abplanalp, Chairman of the Board of Directors of neue Holzbau AG.

Many thanks to Holzkurier for crowning our first place. Read the entire report from Holzkurier 48 (german).

Roofing of the Alpine Sports Centre, Mürren: Roger Baumer, SQWER AG Thun
Valley station 3-S cable car small Matterhorn: William Croall
New Berent house, Ecole d’Humanité, Hasliberg Goldern: Love Weber Photography, Bern