The first headquarters of a cantonal bank in wood

The Obwaldner Kantonalbank (OKB) deliberately chose wood as the building material for its new headquarters. The basement and the access core were realised in solid construction. The five storeys above ground were built in timber. The natural building material also characterises the interior design.

Five storeys, 18 m high and a total area of 8,800 m2. Quadrum – as the new building is also called – consists primarily of a wooden construction with a square ground plan. The wooden supporting structure with a grid dimension of 2.8 m is built in skeleton construction (columns plus beams) entirely in ash wood from the canton of Obwalden. In the offices there are visible
composite timber-concrete ceilings with a span of 8.4 m are installed in the offices. The composite ceilings consist of wooden ribs (composite girders made of ash and spruce) and a concrete overlay. GSA technology was used as the connecting material.

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